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EC v Apple: competence creep
The Commission’s use of state aid law to attack tax competition is an abuse of its powers.

EC v Apple: retrospection is immoral
Ireland’s enforced demand for $13bn of additional tax from Apple violates the rule of law.

an academic scandal
The Ethics and Empire episode shows that large tracts of academia have become damagingly politicised.

intergenerational hogwash
Scapegoating of baby boomers distorts government policy. The “intergenerational contract” is a fiction.

‘fairness’ and the triple lock
Using average baby-boomer data to imply the UK state pension is high enough amounts to propaganda.

legal uncertainty and counter-terrorism
Existing terrorism legislation, and proposed counter-extremism measures, violate legal certainty.

legal certainty
Legal certainty is a defence against arbitrary state power. As a principle, it is at risk of erosion.

high-frequency nonsense
Criticisms of high-frequency trading are misplaced. Competitive arbitrage is essential to markets.

lucidity and obfuscation
Lucid dreaming as a topic, and potential key to understanding sleep, was pioneered by Dr Celia Green.

consciousness and the sausage factory
The problem of consciousness. Why academia, as it stands, is unlikely to generate a solution.

consciousness and ... (part 2)
Major intellectual progress requires special conditions. Recognition of this is on the decline.

egalitarianism caused the 2008 meltdown
Was the meltdown linked to inequality, as Bank of England argues, or to egalitarian housing policies?

‘normal’ science
Modern research teams seek cogs, not individuals. How mediocratic academics exploit the efforts of others.

the meaning of mediocracy
Collectivism, masquerading as egalitarianism, is the dominant ideology – not individualism.

academia: style over substance
Academia is adapting to the new hegemony. Technical complexity reigns, while content is often vacuous.

Celia Green is a genius (pdf)
Green’s originality in analysing human behaviour places her in a class with Nietzsche and Freud.

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