inversions & deceptions
 in the new hegemony

mediocracy   n.

1  rule by the mediocre

2  the triumph of style over substance

‘mediocracy’ is a condition in which culture
is subordinated to pseudo-egalitarian ideology

symptoms include dumbing, jargonism, infantilisation, vacuity, phoney democratisation, authoritarianism ...
... and general mediocrity

a key weapon of mediocracy
is the Orwellian redefinition of words and ideas


mediocratic culture

the views of the elite determine every area of life

culture is redefined as:
    whatever receives approval
    from those licensed by the state apparatus

cultural output promotes the dominant ideology:
    reductionism about the individual
    and support for intervention


mediocratic academia

the purpose of academia changes from
    (a) producing genuine insights to
    (b) manufacturing reinforcement for the preferred worldview

academics are encouraged to endorse
    anti-individualistic trends such as
    doctors and social workers overriding the wishes of individuals

    production of ideologically correct results
    is openly espoused as the new goal




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